Ultimate Hundred Acre Collection

GRW brings you one of the greatest Hundred Acre Collections on the market. Hundred Acre’s renown is largely due to the winemaker, Jayson Woodbridge, and his novel approach to winemaking. The former investment banker has for the past two decades plus created brilliant wines at his Hundred Acre winery. Hundred Acre is regularly described as “plush, opulent, and elegant” and since its first vintage in 2000, the winery has been awarded (22) 100-pointers on Robert Parker's Wine Advocate. 


The beauty of Hundred Acre is, if you want Ark Vineyard it is only HA, if you want Kayli Morgan, it is only HA, if you want Few and Far Between, it is only HA. Jason does not share, he does not sell and if it doesn’t make the grade it goes down the sink! These are 100% exclusive vineyards. Mailing list is $600 a bottle for current releases and the price goes up from here substantially for larger formats. This is your one stop shop for Hundred Acre and we know these will not stay on our offer list for very long. 


“The genius of Jayson Woodbridge is not in dispute. A bigger than life character, he has a certain personal flamboyance and no-prisoners-taken persona, but what he and his team do in the vineyards and winery speaks for itself. These are remarkable wines, with his Cabernet Sauvignons some of the very finest in the world.” - Robert Parker, Wine Advocate 


Everything on offer below is a minimum of RP94, but most are 96 points or more. We also have six of the twenty two RP100 available immediately.