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DRC St Vivant 2015 6-Pack OWC 750mL

DRC St Vivant 2015 6-Pack OWC 750mL

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Rating: AM96/RP95

Producer: DRC

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Tasting Notes

This is more restrained still though aggressive swirling eventually coaxes the gorgeously broad-ranging nose to reveal an even more floral and spicier mélange of red and dark currant, Asian-style tea, anise, clove, cinnamon and sandalwood scents. The equally pure, naturally sweet, precise and beautifully detailed medium-bodied flavors maintain their focus from the mid-palate to the dazzlingly long and palate staining linear finish that just goes on and on. However, as silky as the palate impression is, there is plenty of supporting structure and this too is going to require a long snooze in a cold cellar before it will be completely ready for prime time. Textbook RSV.
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