Sine Qua Non Buyer's Dream

A collector's dream below of Sine Qua Non that includes Original Wooden Cases, Large Format, and even some of the rare Rose! With the mailing list wait being over 7 years long...this is your chance to build or add to your collection immediately!

Ballot-Millot Collection

Up on deck today – something for our White Burgundy drinkers! Producing some of our absolute favorite Chardonnay, Meursault is now considered one of the top sub regions in the Cote de Beaune. However, that wasn’t always the case. There was a time when a White Burgundy fan’s idea of a great wine had to include the name “Montrachet” in the label. Puligny, Chassagne, or of course the big gun, Le Montrachet itself… This was considered the gold standard.

Clos de Tart Monopole Collection

Previously Mommessin Clos de Tart, there are a few reasons why all Burgundy drinkers and collectors alike would gravitate towards this sacred juice. The main reason is that Clos de Tart is the largest Grand Cru Monopole in all of Burgundy. A captivating 18 acres of beautiful Pinot Noir that is encircled by a stone wall creating almost this precious and secluded utopia.

Hundred Acre 2018

The long awaited Hundred Acre 2018 report released yesterday from the Wine Advocate and it is no surprise that Hundred Acre, once again, made some of the best wines in the world. Hundred Acre is regularly described as “plush, opulent, and elegant” and since its first vintage in 2000, the winery has been awarded (25) 100-pointers on Robert Parker's Wine Advocate.

Greatest Dominus Ever Made

Receiving a perfect score is something to be proud of. Receiving (4) perfect scores...that is just downright amazing. This 2013 Dominus will turn your cellar into an instant gold mine. We have untouched cases of the legendary 2013 Dominus. Stock up and hold or drink. Watch this wine become even more legendary than it already is.


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