The Mascot 2014 3-Pack OC $420 Per Pack

This is truly a look ‘under the hood’ into the world and everything that goes into our favorite Napa ‘first growth’ family, but at $140 a bottle. At this price point we were prepared to take all we could get.

The Dalla Valle Maya Collection

We have Maya on offer in a range of formats, including some uber rare 6L bottles which are available nowhere else in the world at present.

Elevation is key to the success of the Bryant Family wines.

We have listed a collection of 12 vintages of the acclaimed Bryant Estate, including a variety of large format and back vintage bottlings that are well under the current mailing list prices.

The Greatest Margaux Ever Made, More Than Perfection!

Perhaps Margaux's Most Iconic Release. This could prove to be the next 2000 Mouton, although from what the critics are saying it seems the wine is going to be a hell of a lot better.

United Somm Fund Partnership

The United Sommeliers Foundation is a nonprofit helping wine processionals who are impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic


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