1985 Petrus


We have one rare case of Petrus 1985 in an Original Wood and a few loose bottles.

This is the only case available in the US. A perfect addition to your cellar and your Petrus collection.

Petrus is one of the most recognized and iconic wines in the world, dating back to the 1750’s, making it one of the earliest established vineyards in Pomerol.

This wine has turned into an enigma. Voluptuous, generous and distinctive. The wines are elusive, highly sought after and demand patience. 

Serena Sutcliffe, Master of Wine comments on the 1985 Petrus: “a recent bottle was one of the greatest, with a glorious earthy, truffley, tobacco bouquet, with notes of lead pencil and liquorice all the way through. It was just so rosy of taste, so bloomy, utterly luscious and yet linear underneath. Another bottle had a bouquet that was very berryish, typically Petrus. Irony taste. Absolutely ready.”

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