Are the Wines of Domaine Roumier Recession-Proof?

Burgundy lovers know that both the prices and availability of the top Burgundies have risen astronomically over the past five years. Fact is, there is simply not a lot of this wine out there. Unfortunately for those of us who covet an exceptional Burgundy, as global demand rises, so do price tags. Even at the height of a global pandemic, prices globally for the best wines of the top Domaines have held their own, and in many cases hit record highs.

While much debate exists over who is the best Burgundy producer (that title still goes to DRC), the wines of Domaine Roumier are always mentioned among the top echelon. The Bonnes Mares, Musigny and Amoureuses are the most sought-after wines produced at this Domaine and serve as benchmark examples of the terroir of each of their respective vineyards. It's no surprise that Roumier prices have seen a major uptick since 2015.

To get a sense for how dramatic those increases were, our team here at GRW conducted a Roumier experiment. We looked at all the vintages for Roumier’s Bonnes Mares, Musigny and Amoureuses between 1990-2010 on WineSearcher (we started with 1990 as that is the vintage where Christophe Roumier took over production and most agree that the wines improved significantly with him at the helm). We compared the average prices in June of 2015 to the average prices in May of 2020 and found that the average global prices of these wines in that five-year period appreciated not by single or double digits, but by TRIPLE digits.

Average Bonnes Mares prices appreciated by 107%
Average Amoureuses prices appreciated by 135%
Average Musigny prices also appreciated by 135%
By comparison, in that same time the Dow Jones only appreciated by 34%!

There's no reason to suspect that these wines will not continue increasing in price, even if not at the same breakneck pace. Demand remains high, the Asian market is still hungry, and there is simply not enough of this wine made to satisfy the demand. Whether you buy the wines of Domaine Roumier to enjoy today, to enjoy in ten years, or to sell in five, we believe you'll be thrilled with the results.

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