Bordeaux - Original Wood Cases


Pristine original wood cases of some of the best Bordeaux money can buy!

We’ve got stacks on stacks of wood cases available today – And when you’re talking about buying wine, there really isn't a better way to go.

What we LOVE about OWC’s is what it means for the wine – These bottles have never been separated from each other & have been stored together in their wood boxes since purchase! Having these original wood boxes definitely drives up the collectability factor on the wines and makes for a fabulous showpiece in any cellar!

The whole list is filled with some LIGHTS OUT vintages and producers, but a few stand outs for us include –

The 1982 Lafite 12pk OWC is a rare bird, and one that will continue to reward you for years to come – When Parker tasted this back in 2009, he said it felt like a denser version of the 1990, and stylistically what a young 1959 probably tasted like. At that time, he said the wine needed another 5-8 years to reach full maturity and was capable of lasting 50-60 years. Well, it’s been 13 years since then so this should be in it’s prime!

The 2010 Montrose is considered to be among the greatest vintages ever made at the Estate – Which is hard for us to argue with, but – that’s for you to decide! Where else can you find a 100-point wine with this kind of purity and depth of flavor for under $300 bottle?

2000 was a banner vintage for Bordeaux and the 2000 Cheval Blanc was no exception. This wine has just come out of a relatively dormant state and the incredible aromatics that we know Cheval is capable of are finally starting to emerge. Galloni says, “I want nothing to compete with it” and you know what? We couldn’t agree more. These wines are a visceral experience that everyone needs to have.

The 2005 Latour is high up on our list of must haves! What was arguably one of the best vintages in the last several decades allowed Latour to produce a wine that is mind-blowingly energetic, and frankly hard to put into words. However, when Galloni said , “Wines like this are life affirming”, we feel like he hit the nail on the head.

The 1990 La Mission Haut Brion will always live in the shadow of the 1989, but to pass it over would be a grave mistake. At one point Parker thought it could someday rival its legendary predecessor. Now at 32 years of age, the 1990 La Mission has found its groove and is showing beautifully!

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