Discover Promontory Wines: Unique Terroir & Old School Charm



Everything about Promontory is unique. Nestled in the foothills of the Mayacamas, Promontory's high-elevation vineyards are a geological museum sitting on a fault line with sedimentary, volcanic and, most importantly (and rare for Napa), metamorphic soils. All these attributes combine to produce a slow-to-evolve wine with lower alcohol and brighter acidity than what we expect from Napa Valley.  


These wines have kiss of old school restraint that collectors and drinkers continuously seek out. The first Promontory vintage (2008) wasn't released for an astonishing seven years, as the Harlan team observed its evolution. Then it took just five years for Promontory's 2013 vintage to become 2019's most widely traded American wine on the UK's LivEx, eclipsing even the most established Cult Cabs.


We have loose bottles, magnums and Original Wood Cases available to you on this find Saturday afternoon for the lowest prices that you will find in the country. These are 'must have' wines that belong in every Napa collection. 


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2012 Promontory

This is incredibly complex and complete with white and black-truffle aromas, as well as wet earth and blackcurrants. Then, it changes to tobacco, cedar and wild forest fruit. Dazzling complexity in both the nose and palate. Full-bodied, yet tight and harmonious. The tannins melt into the wine. Drinkable now, but one for the cellar. This estate could one day rival Harlan, which shares its ownership. -JS100


2014 Promontory 

I knew it was only a matter of time before Davide Cilli would make a wine at Promontory that would represent the maximum expression of this rugged hillside site. The 2014 Promontory has been exceptional in the past, but it has also gained another gear or two over the last year, which is pretty much now standard for these wines. Stunningly delineated and precise, with tremendous purity and exceptional balance, the 2014 Promontory dazzles from start to finish. This is an especially translucent style, one that is more about persistence and balance than power alone. Stated simply, the 2014 Promontory is towering achievement from one of Napa Valley's most talented young winemakers. Kudos to the Harlan family and the winegrowing team led by Bob Levy and Cory Empting for creating the framework that allowed Cilli to craft this exquisite, riveting Cabernet Sauvignon. -AG100


2018 Promontory

The 2018 Promontory is as phenomenal as it has always been, but it, too is going through a period of reticence. This dark, brooding Cabernet is packed with character. Time in the glass brings out striking inner perfume and sweetness. There is a feeling of stark minimalism in the 2018 that I find compelling. Constantly changing in the glass, the 2018 is a magical, exquisite Cabernet Sauvignon -AG100


2019 Promontory

Lastly, the 2019 Promontory matches the perfect 2016 from this estate and is legendary stuff. Ripe black fruits, chocolatey, lead pencil shaving, roasted herbs, and tobacco are just some of its nuances, and this beauty hits the palate with full-bodied richness, a deep, layered, concentrated mid-palate, ultra-fine tannins, and an incredible finish. It doesn’t get any better. This has the class of a First Growth from Bordeaux paired with a Napa sense of texture and fruit. It will evolve for 40-50 years. -JD100


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