DRC Romanee Conti


Pinnacle of Pinot Noir? NO! The pinnacle of wine itself! 

A mere 576 cases of the 1999 Romanee Conti were produced and just 386 of the 2010 vintage. Now cut those numbers in half because of two reasons, first the number of bottles already consumed and second, the tiny amount that were actually made available and imported into the USA.  We have seven pristine bottles, sourced from impeccable collections.

Very few wines can render the world’s greatest wine professionals speechless, but Romanee Conti is one of them. These are some of the finest examples, the 1999 & 2010 DRC Romanee Conti are on a different planet in terms of quality. Those that have tasted it, will be in agreement, you will have to re-evaluate everything you think you know about wine. It may sound cliché…but life is too short not jump on the opportunity to experience a wine of this magnitude.

The lowest price in the entire world is $27,000 a bottle for the 2010 RC so you are acquiring “instant equity” when buying this. The lowest price in the United States for the 1999 is $32,000 a bottle.    

Here are just a few things Allen Meadows mentioned when drinking this magical elixir…

  • “almost inconceivably spherical with a Zen-like sense of harmony.”
  • “should be one of the all-time greats in due time”
  • “Burgundy just doesn't get any better than this.”
  • "brilliant hardly does this masterpiece justice."
  • "I could still taste it the next day"

With one of the finest DRC collections in the country, and decades of experience if sourcing it, we pride ourselves in having the highest standards when it comes to provenance.  We have become one of the most trusted sources of fine and rare Burgundy in the world, so buy with confidence and we guarantee the authenticity of every bottle sold.






1999 Romanee Conti 
"The vibrant, pure, spicy, distinctly floral and unusually high-toned nose introduces big, powerful and concentrated flavors that possess almost painful intensity. This brims with palate staining extract along with plenty of minerality yet it remains regal, almost aloof and quite reserved on the hugely long finish. The focus is unbelievable and while it's hard to speak of subtle power, one can sense the vibrancy and depths of reserve that are still only hinted at now even 17 years after the vintage. As seductive as the nose is and as awe-inspiring as the flavors are, the finish lasts literally for minutes, indeed I could still taste it the next day and I've noticed that this happens every time I am fortunate to have the '99. And, difficult as it is to believe, I'm beginning to think that my score is conservative as the word 'brilliant' hardly does this masterpiece justice."

99+ Pts Allen Meadows - Burghound


2010 Romanee Conti 

“This is also intensely spicy with a similar array of highly restrained but exceptionally complex floral and cool red and black berry fruit aromas. There is a real sense of focused power to the beautifully well-delineated, pure and highly nuanced, multifaceted medium-bodied flavors wrapped in a deep reserve of dry extract before culminating in a breathtakingly persistent finish replete with the hallmark youthful austerity. Like all of the great vintages of this most famous of burgundies, it is almost inconceivably spherical with a Zen-like sense of harmony. I could taste this hours later, and like the '10 La Tâche, this is not an especially powerful vintage for Romanée-Conti, but it should be one of the all-time greats in due time. In short, young Burgundy just doesn't get any better than this.” 

99+ Pts Allen Meadows - Burghound

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