Eleven Confession Cases


There is no Central Coast winery that can compare to Sine Qua Non in style and reputation. That is why their mailing list is EIGHT YEARS LONG! The legend, Manfred Krankl, has pushed the envelope with his wines to the point where these wines are recognized as being in a league all of their own. SQN receives high praise from all the critics and is also extremely sought out by collectors.
The Eleven Confessions is what everyone looks forward to every year when released. 10 acres of Syrah and 8 acres of Grenache lie at the Eleven Confessions Vineyard in St. Rita Hills, CA. The wines are known as the Extended Barrel Aged program (or EBA for short) as they could see up to 40 months in barrel before being bottled. 

Our current collection consists of 13 different vintages that are all in pristine Original Wooden Cases from the winery. If you'd ever wondered about starting a collection, today would be the perfect opportunity! Not only great quantity, but also the best pricing in the Country!

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