Le Pin 1995


A unicorn case of Le Pin available on this lovely Wednesday afternoon!

This micro-estate in Pomerol is turning out a mere 500-600 cases annually – A miniscule amount when compared to other First Growth producers. To put this into perspective, even their relatively rare neighbor Petrus produces around 4,000 cases a year.

The 1995 was released on the heels of the 1994, another brilliant vintage for Le Pin. In Parker’s original review of the wine, he states that this should mature into one of the Estate’s great successes. He goes on to point out that he had bestowed a higher rating to the 1995 than was given to the 1982 at a similar age. Today, the 1982 sits with a handsome 100 Point Rating! The last time we sold a bottle of 1982 Le Pin, it sold for over $10,000.

Compared to one of the most legendary vintages of Le Pin to ever exist, the 1995’s are a no brainer at just $3,125/bottle.

There is only ONE retailer in the entire world that has a 12pk Original Wood Case of this wine available and it’s in Hong Kong and listed for over $52,000.

Le Pin is the definition of exclusivity. They are some of the most exotic, concentrated and flashy wines that a Bordeaux collector can experience. Like most Le Pins, the wines are exceptionally enjoyable in their youth, but they put on considerable weight in the bottle, with the oak becoming more integrated after a decade or more of cellaring. At 28 years of age, these are in perfectly aged territory and ready to strut their stuff.

Please let us know if you are interested – If we have multiple clients looking for single bottles, there is the potential of splitting up the case to fill orders.



Some of the hard tannins this wine possessed early in life have sloughed off to reveal a wine that has a stunning nose of roasted herbs, caramel, smoke, barbecue notes along with fruitcake, blackberry, and black cherry jam, and a bit of white chocolate also entering the smorgasbord of scents. Full-bodied, with low acidity but still moderately high tannin, still a tightly knit, very concentrated wine that is surprisingly structured and backward for Le Pin. It is also a bit more massive than most vintages. 

94 Pts Robert Parker

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