Legendary Latour Wines: First Growth Powerhouse Explained


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We’ve got something for our Latour lovers today – Legendary bottlings that will show you why they are considered the First Growth Powerhouse!

Of course, we all know that Chateau Latour produces legendary wines in the best vintages, but what really sets them apart from their peers is their ability to turn out exceptional wines in years that have been deemed “off years”.

This is large part thanks to the vineyard’s optimal terroir and climate, as their vines are located by an estuary that provides temperature moderating effects. This is tremendously beneficial in extremely cold (1991) or hot (2003) years. Case in point, in 2003 Latour received a DOUBLE 100-point score!

The wines produced at Chateau Latour possess extraordinary longevity, offering any collector years of enjoyment and a fascinating drinking experience.

We have the legendary 1982 vintage to offer in which is considered to be one of the best bottles of Bordeaux ever produced . Another great drinking vintage of Latour is the 1990 which has a beautiful sweet tannin aspect to it that makes this an undeniably hedonistic experience



1982 Latour 

"From the moment it is first opened the 1982 Château Latour is magical. Deep and still vibrant in color, but showing the translucence of age, the 1982 opens with intense, soaring aromatics that hint at what is to come. One taste is all it takes to confirm that the first impression is spot-on. This bottle, from an original wood case purchased on release, is a poignant reminder of how importance provenance is. The 1982 is simply stunning in its beauty. Vivid, multi-faceted and totally sensual, the Latour captures all the best qualities of this famous vintage. In 1982 yields were high, there was essentially none of the sorting that has become de rigueur, and cellar practices were far less ideal on paper than they are today. And yet, the 1982 is simply stunning. What else can I ask for in a wine? Absolutely nothing. Except for a hope to run into it again. Well-stored bottles will keep for another two decades, although my impression is that the 1982 is not going to improve much from here. Actually, it can’t improve. This is as good as wine gets."

100, Antonio Galloni


1990 Latour 

"This is one of my favorite wines ever. Full-bodied, with layers of silky fruit and masses of currant, mineral and berry character. Amazing. It's a wine with perfect structure, perfect strength. It's 1961 Latour in modern clothes. It's hard not to drink it now. 

100, Wine Spectator


2005 Latour 

"The 2005 Latour was mind-blowingly profound in two recent tastings for this report. Deep and sensual to the core, the 2005 is utterly captivating. All the elements are so seamlessly put together. Graphite, crème de cassis, licorice, dark spice and lavender infuse the 2005 with so much energy. More than anything else, though, the 2005 is a Latour of texture and resonance. Even after several hours, the 2005 is fresh and full of energy. Wines like this are just life affirming. That's about all I can really say. Tasted two times."

100, Antonio Galloni

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