Legendary Shafer Hillside Select

Wine bottles on display


Do not miss your chance to acquire the legendary vintages of Shafer Hillside Select to backfill your cellar or put on a great vertical tasting with your friends! On Saturday, one of the GRW team members blinded an '04 Hillside Select versus an '05 Abreu Thorevilos and the Shafer easily held its own and was actually the preferred wine on that given night. The 2004 Hillside is 1/2 the price of the Abreu! 


Shafer Hillside Select is a rugged 54 acre vineyard that has virtually no top soil and lays on volcanic soil and bedrock. This is the the reason that Hillside Select is known for its complexity and concentration. Vines desperately searching for nutrients and water, which brings out characteristics that no other wine possesses. 


"Year in year out, this is one of the superstar wineries, not only in Napa Valley and all of California, but in the entire world." - Robert Parker



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