Leroy Beaux Monts 1988


We are coming to the realization that Leroy doesn’t make a bad wine. Every time we look up these older Leroy bottles on Cellar Tracker, they are overwhelmed with high praise and makes us want to buy all the bottles we can get our hands on.

This is the case with the ’88 Beaux Monts as well. Beaux Monts is located north of Richebourg and Brulee, and above Les Suchots and Echezeaux. Leroy is the largest owner at 6.4 acres. Most of the vines are at the most southern part where it is the closest to Richebourg. Definitely not a fair comparison but a Leroy Richebourg will run you well over $5,000 a bottle.

Recent reviews of 1988 are stating that this wine is in peak performance and still incredibly lively. At the price point we are offering, this is worth picking up a bottle or two. You can also compare it to other vintages we have for sale which are slightly higher in price point. These bottles were all acquired from a trusted cellar with which we have had a great relationship with for over a decade.


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