Leroy Nuits St. Georges Lavieres 1996 - Rare Find!


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Collectors worldwide search the globe for older vintages of Leroy. The reason for this is when they find the right bottle, the experience delivered is unbeatable
We have 10 rare bottles of Leroy Nuits St. Georges Lavieres 1996! Bottles pictured above are in great condition and stored in our temperature controlled cellar. Ready to ship to you!
We are the Best Price in the World on these bottles!
1996 is a fantastic vintage in burgundy and these Leroy's are drinking magically. This can be seen clearly on Cellar Tracker with 96 and 95 point ratings this year!
Worldwide pricing for these bottles is around the $3K - $6K range. We are well below these prices at $2,595 / BTL.
“This was a revelation for me” – Burgland on Cellar Tracker
“This was worth the price of admission, and will still be great twenty years from now. Awesome.” –  Burgland on Cellar Tracker

Sourced from one of our longest standing clients – we are offering these for the lowest price in the Country!

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