Every bottle that the GRW team has ever enjoyed from this illustrious Domaine has been phenomenal. Jacques-Frédéric Mugnier produces wines that personally can be best described as a desert island Pinot Noir. One cannot overstate just how beloved the red Burgundies from this address really are. There are few producers in the world who summon the interest of collectors and the respect of their neighbors quite like Mugnier. 

The Premier Cru Les Amoureuses without a doubt drinks at Grand cru level and is one of most revered vineyards in all of Burgundy. Translated to “the lovers”, the wines of Amoureuses are delicate and feminine and able to evoke a myriad of emotions for those able to experience them.

The Bonnes Mares appellation lies just south of Clos de Tart, the neighboring Grand Cru, forming a rectangle between the hallowed hillsides of Morey and Chambolle. It is one of the more fragmented grand cru vineyards in Burgundy with close to 20 growers producing wines from the appellation. Amongst those growers Mugnier reigns supreme, producing some of the most beautiful expressions of this terrior imaginable.  

Now onto their ethereal Musigny - in some eyes the pinnacle of Pinot Noir – a wine that should be both complete and profound but never heavy. “Majesty itself”, claims Clive Coates.

“The now in-bottle '09s have turned out brilliantly, in particular the Amoureuses and Musigny”  BH

With high critic scores, upwards trending prices and a host of accolades, the Musigny Grand Cru is the Domaine’s jewel in the crown. Recent vintages have performed exceptionally well and with only around 500 cases of this wine produced every year, demand is high.

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