Napa Valley Reserve


Exclusive, exclusive, exclusive. Did we mention this wine is exclusive? One of the most difficult mailing lists to get on and even if you do get offered a spot, it is rumored that you will need to pay your hefty dues that have been said to be north of six figures. We have tasted almost every vintage and they all are great value given the rarity and quality. They all have the “Harlan Family Signature” in terms of dark fruit, graphite, and a very refined tannin structure. 

The winemaking team at Napa Valley Reserve is also the same team that crafts the highly collectible Harlan Estate wines. Bob Levy as Director of Wine Growing, winemaking is Marco Gressi and consulting winemaker is, none other than, Michel Rolland. But let’s consider for a moment who is behind the project?

The Harlan family Cabernets are world renowned and considered some of the Napa regions’ finest expressions of the grape. Wines made at the Reserve show a clear resemblance to Harlan’s acclaimed bottles and if you are compelled by market power, bottles by Harlan are three figures for most recent vintages.  These are always in demand on the secondary market, as the vineyard sources are all those used by Harlan. 

Not yet convinced? There is no question of the quality and age-ability, having tasted through many of these vintages we are extremely impressed. Past customers have always come back for more commenting on experience and price.


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