Rare Tusk Collection: Napa's Exclusive Liquid Gold


A row of wine bottles


The last time we acquired a Tusk Collection, they all sold before it even reached our cellar! We loaded back up with the best prices in the country and happy to offer you some of the rarest Napa Cabernet on the market! 


Tusk's exclusivity is not just about the price tag. Tusk’s allure lies in the fact that it is harder to acquire than Screaming Eagle. You must be a friend of the winemaker or one of the owners to get an allocation. 


Tusk Estates was founded in 2007 by Tim Martin, a long-time Napa Valley food and wine marketer and entrepreneur; Michael Uytengs, a former investment banker and heir to an international food conglomerate; and Philippe Melka, a French-born winemaker and international consultant. The concept is opulent winemaking meets luxury branding and Philippe Melka is associated with the absolute best in the business. Working with Christian Moueix, Jean Delmas and Michel Rolland, he spent time making wines at Petrus, Haut Brion & Dominus to name just a few of the brands that makeup his impressive resume. Everything he touches in Napa turns to liquid gold.


“Bagging an offering from Tusk would be as rare a trophy as the woolly mammoth that graces the Tusk label.” - Wine Spectator


To emphasize how rare and limited the production is, Tusk has never been submitted to be scored or reviewed by critics. However, Melka has cultivated numerous wines that have received the 100 Point Score. Also his background with Haut Brion, Petrus, Ridge, & Dominus should give you an insight of what he is capable of. 


Secure your rare case of Tusk today! These will go FAST!


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