United Somm Fund Partnership



Restaurant closures have shaken the core of the sommelier community around the world as the hospitality industry struggles with COVID-19. Our hearts ache for the wine community and all those affected by the pandemic. In an effort to help, we have partnered with The United Sommeliers Foundation to support their work. Moving forward, GRW will be donating $5 from every order over $250 to the Foundation.

The United Sommeliers Foundation is a nonprofit helping wine professionals who are impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. It provides financial assistance to sommeliers experiencing a pause or termination in their employment. Sommeliers in the U.S. whose hours have been cut or jobs have been eliminated can immediately apply for funding grants.

USF is working tirelessly to keep the industry we have passionately devoted our lives to afloat by supporting wine professionals during this and any future crises, with a plan in development to support this community in the years to come. We're in this for the long run and so are they. We're proud to call them a partner and encourage you to check out their important work. 

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