Haut Brion 1996 12-Pack OWC 750mL

Haut Brion 1996 12-Pack OWC 750mL

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Tasting Notes

1996 Haut Brion - Hedonist's Gazette, November 2003: That all changed with the Haut-Brions. These wines were all decanted well in advance, with the exception of the ancient vintages from 1961 and older. I thought it would be a slam dunk for the 1995 over the 1996, but it was much closer than I thought. The 1995 is more dominated by its fleshier Merlot component, and the 1996 is more aromatic as well as linear. Both are great wines, and I'm beginning to think that 1996 is as good as the 1995, something I never before felt.
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